Bachelor's Degree Cap & Gown Packages

27 Item(s)

27 Item(s)

Bachelor’s Degree Graduation Cap & Gown Packages

Every graduate deserves the right college regalia. This includes a cap & gown. Begin all ensembles with the basic cap and gown, then add customizations from there. If ordering for a group, the top quality basic graduation pieces are an investment and result in an overall lower cost than renting. You only need to add new tassels and signets every year, once you have the basic university regalia in place.

Crafter with durable 100% matte fabric in a variety of colours and finishes, matching gowns to most major college and academic groups’ colours and shades is easy. Honor top graduates by varying the colour of the college regalia. Gold or silver are popular options for exalting honor students.

Included in Acadima’s Bachelor’s Degree Graduation Cap & Gowncollection:

  • Caps & gowns designed to fit most students – fullfit sizes available
  • Timeless designs that last for years of use
  • A wide variety of colours intended to match any colour scheme

Tip: Matte finish robes create a glare free portrait and are ideal for any type of photography lighting.