Junior High & Middle School Gowns

27 Item(s)

27 Item(s)

Junior High & Middle School Graduation Gowns

With the accomplishment of finishing Middle or Junior High School, a graduation gown marks the occasion. Not too big, the perfectly sized gowns have been scaled down for middle school student. However, Acadima kept all of the styling details and high quality touches found in our adult model gowns. 

Available in a rainbow of colours, buyers have their choice of colours. We can help you match your school’s colours to keep the school’s tradition. From the palest pink to the richest royal blue, any colour needed for your graduate’s gown can be matched. Formal colours like black, navy, or white are also available and come in satin and matte fabric.

A full zipper front, comfortable sleeves, and padded yoke are featured on each gown. A wide hem allows the wearer a full range of movement. Gowns flatter both boys and girls.

Each middle school or junior high school gown features:

  • Tough and durable 100% polyester fabric
  • High quality construction with tailored details
  • Choice of colour and a wide range of sizes to fit any graduate