Bachelor's Degree Graduation Apparel

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Earning a Bachelor’s degree is a major accomplishment in life. Celebrate this momentous occasion with the right graduation attire. At Acadima, we carry an extensive assortment of approved university apparel. Packages include a matching gown, cap, and tassel in addition to accessories to recognizae those who are receiving honors. We can ensure that you are ordering the correct colour and style by working together with your college.

We fit all different sizes, from a petite 4’8” to an elevated 6’8” graduate. Custom accessories, special cords, stoles, and other regalia are also available for personalization of your outfit. All of our caps and gowns meet the highest quality standards to ensure durability throughout the years. If needed, items are also sold separately, but for your convenience, we provide packages as well.

Included in our Bachelors Graduation Regalia collection:

  • Caps and gowns in a variety colours
  • Graduation packages and premium hoods
  • Tassels, sashes, collars, medals, and other accessories
  • Honors regalia to showcase your hard earned achievements